Child Development Program

High-quality child care is a necessity for many parents, including parents of children with disabilities. Our inclusive child development program provides a safe and nurturing setting for children of all abilities to hone new skills and learn from each other.

We believe in the importance of early childhood development at WovenLife. Our child care program focuses on the development of each child in an integrated environment for children of all abilities, ages 3 months to 5 years. 

We offer a comprehensive early education program with unique program enhancements exclusive to WovenLife.

The full day program is appropriate for the age and developmental level of each child – giving them one more year to learn and be challenged in a small classroom setting before transitioning into a public or private school.

Teaching is based on knowledge of how young children develop and learn. The learning environment fosters all areas of development: intellectual, language, physical and social; and provides the challenge for children to learn according to their individual abilities and growth patterns. All children will have access to our onsite Intergenerational Program, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. 


The many enhancements to our program key into your child’s cognitive, social, and physical capabilities and opportunities for discovery, including utilizing theme based curriculum. This is all combined with a healthy balance of learning and recreational activities.

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